Yoga Retreat in Puglia



My yoga journey started about 5 years ago in Australia. Like other women in the age of between 25 and 35, I was struggling with the changes. Body, mind as well as life. Many women probably encounter the same thing as I did. Quarter of life crisis, some went through marriage, baby(ies!), work change, buying new home and maybe some unfortunate events. In fact, many friends of mine also took yoga teaching certificates last few years. And I got mine this May in India.

I decided to make a project for yoga retreats for the women in these ages. Because we are great aren’t we? It’s just we are tired of daily life and a lot of changes. I started getting a food allergies when I was 25 out of sudden.  It was related stressed life. I couldn’t eat anything not organically grown. I always had a bit of chemical sensitiveness such as cigarette, but turning to 25 with a lot of work, I got a hit of multiple allergies all at once.

After I started Yoga and started taking care of my body and mental health, my allergies went away little by little. Our bodies are amazing how they work! I started to advocate to my friends who are under stress to do yoga in nature after this.

I found Puglia is the perfect place to do yoga and meditation. We have vegetable based cuisine, our beautiful olive oil with mediterranean diet, a lot of nature to adore, always warm, well apart from winter.

It’s a still planning stage but if there is anyone interested in yoga retreat in Puglia, such as at vineyards, old masseria,  under the southern Italian stars,  on the beautiful Puglian beaches or with the sunset at Unesco I am to make a plan for you. Well, who doesn’t enjoy yoga and meditation at the nature..if you are one of us!

For the details, please contact me directly— !



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