Around Puglia Project: Day 1 Lecce

Around Puglia Project: Day 1 in Lecce, South of Firenze, where you can encounter Barocco Leccese, over 2000 year old history and bit of Hebrew culture in the middle of old town.

Around Puglia Project

Hi guys! Finally we are in September, and I present you my new project: “Around Puglia“!! This month and probably October, I will travel around Puglia, to share more beauty of this place to you. Learning about local… Read More

(How many) Languages in Italy?

Ciao! Before you come to Puglia and get to know about this beautiful place, do you know how many dialects or languages in Italy? First time when I moved to Italy from Australia (yes I lived in Australia… Read More

Benvenuti al Sud: Travelling in South Italy-Safe or Dangerous?

“Quando viene a Napoli piange due volte, quando viene e quando parte….” This quote, I found it in the movie called “Benvenuti al Sud”. It’s my favourite Italian movie and even if you don’t live in South of… Read More