August Events! -Summer is not finished yet in Puglia!-

Hello Summer lovers! Our Puglian summer never ends..well not yet! Here is the rest of August and beginning of September events in Puglia! -August 21st to 27th: Birra fra i trulli at Alberobello (more info) Why don’t you enjoy… Read More

Pomodori Secchi/Dried Tomatoes

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Pomodori Secchi Hooray! Finally Summer is here in Puglia! (Sorry for my Aussie friends!). You see, you cannot taste these tomatoes in North part of Italy. It’s only in South! You can see… Read More

Zucchine alla poverella

ZUCCHINE ALLA POVERELLA This tasty summer dish represents Puglia’s typical “Cucina Povera” cuisine. The combination of Zucchini and mint leaves might sound unfamiliar with you but it amazingly matches in your mouth and bring you into heavenly summer! … Read More