Travel Designs

How do we proceed to design your trip?

  1. CIAO! : Please send me a message via website/whatsapp/Line/Facebook or Email! Please tell me what you are interested and why you have contacted me, and what interests you the most about Puglia (very important!)
  2. GETTING TO KNOW YOU: We’ll make a date to do a face-to-face chat. Probably with Skype over a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine!! If you are not comfortable with face-to-face, we can communicate with just voice calling! I’ll tell you about my travel design service too. Let me know all about your dream trip to Puglia!
  3. DRAFT ITINERARY: I’ll come up with the 1st draft itinerary.
  4. DISCUSSION: We discuss about the itinerary. If you would like to add more activities and places to visit or less. Hotels and restaurants. I’ll send you a online draft about your itinerary.
  5. DESIGN YOUR TRAVEL: I’ll arrange all the bookings and tours/guides. If you would like me to be your personal guide, I’m more than happy to do so! I’ll send you the final itinerary.
  6. FINAL ITINERARY: Last check together! (Almost there!)
  7. WELCOME TO PUGLIA!: I’m not a tour operator so I’m more than happy to meet you in person and come to welcome you at the airport or the train station if you are worried! Well, this is all up to you! You can “add-on” me!
  8. DURING YOUR TRAVEL : You can call or text me anytime, and this is a free service!

Additionally, if you are interested, I can provide some Italian language lessons with me or with Italian person who speaks English! For sure, it’ll be a great help!

Contact me from here!

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