What Is Life In Puglia Travel?


This idea of Travel Designer came to me when I was travelling through Puglia few years ago. I couldn’t speak any Italian language at the moment and I really struggle to speak or communicate with local people here. After few months I started study Italian as well as their dialects, and I started to speak with local ‘Pugliese’ people, they suddenly opened up their Southern Italian welcoming characters! It felt like as if the door to new world opened in front of me.

After a while, I noticed that the local tour agencies or operators are missing many things that you should see or visit in Puglia. I see that because I’m a foreigner here and I found many things very fascinating when locals think that is their daily lives. Once Marcel Proust said:

Discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.

I have different eyes or perspectives of seeing things here in Puglia, so I found more discoveries or something which other people weren’t expected.

At this point, I started to form my idea to be a travel designer for incoming Puglia destination.

During my travels around the world, I came to the conclusion that every single person has different way to travel, and it is almost impossible to just sell package tours. Therefore, until you say ‘YES!’, we can communicate via email, skype or face-to-face as many as you would like to make your original travel plans.


What I love about Travel Design is not only making an unique itinerary just for you, but also I feel as if I am also travelling with you! 


Yurie Adachi / Founder of Life In Puglia Travel

* Originally from Hamamatsu City, Japan

* Graduated from Linguistic: I speak Japanese, English, Italian, some Chinese and Indonesian

* Lived in Australia, then travelled through South East and central Asia, then travelled through whole Puglia

* Olive oil taster

* Tour operator for Asian markets

* Around Puglia Project

* Founded Life In Puglia Travel in 2017, based in Andria City, Puglia

What Can I Offer? 


*Design tailor made itineraries for Puglia and Matera

*Concierge service for restaurants and hotels/agriturismo

*Organise transfer

*Organise a programme for Italian language school

*Yoga retreat programme

*Visiting olive oil factory(fraintoio) and wineries, cheese factories and bakeries (private as well as for business purpose)

*Advisor for destination Puglia

*Translating and interpreting service