(EN)Welcome to Life in Puglia Travel! My name is Yurie, a Japanese expat living in Puglia, and I am your Puglia destination travel designer!

I have long experiences in hospitality management in different countries and also in tourism. I love travelling and cooking in different destinations and I’m a yoga lover, just came back from India! I’m a linguistic and speak: English, Japanese, Italian (some Puglian directs), some Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia.

I decided to start this adventure because I simply fell in love with Puglia. You might say, “so..where is it?”..I know, it’s not that very known destinations for everyone. However Puglia started getting a lot of attentions last few years as “last paradise in Italy”. Just imagine: its untouched nature and magnificent thousands-year-old olive trees, beautiful coast line and sea with the contrast of white houses, the rich yet simple cuisines(yum!), traditions that Northern Italy forgotten and don’t forget, Pugliese(people from Puglia) are very warm and charming people!

There are many pre-made tours already out there, a lot of them. But in a big bus with a group..what would you see? You’ll stop at Alberobello for few hours and then Ostuni, then Castel Del Monte for 1 hour..Trust me, you won’t see or eat anything about Puglia. Or you are travelling by yourself. I did that when I moved to Puglia. Without Italian language, or better yet, Puglian directs, I was lost so many times! You need a personal GPS! To see full Puglia, you need to travel like we locals do. Experience our life in Puglia.

So here I am: I design your trip with you from scratch. Either it’s a weekend-away in Puglia, for romantic honeymoon, or 1 month long journey. I’m here for you. If it’s just a flight tickets or organise agriturismo, or very last minute decision from other parts of Italy, or cooking class and eat with locals, I can make it happen! You can also contact me anytime if you are just dreaming about Puglia trip in the future!

With me, it won’t be an ordinary travel plan. I promise it will be the “one of the kind” itinerary….just for you!

(JP)Life in Puglia Travelにようこそ!私の名前は友里絵です。イタリアのプーリア州在住のトラベルデザイナーです。トラベルデザイナーは、トラベルプランナーと似ているかもしれませんが、プランナーはすでにある体験を日程に組み込むのに対し、トラベルデザイナーは、0からお客様のご希望に沿って旅行を一緒に作っていきます。つまり、世界で一つだけの旅行を作ることが可能です。すでにあるツアーと比べて、お客様と直接お話しする機会を何度か設けたり、メール、またはチャットでのやりとりなどが多いため、作り上げるのには時間がかかりますが、その分旅行への期待度も膨らんでいくかと思います。