Inside the “Trullo”-Unesco Heritage in Puglia

Ciao! I’m Yurie, your travel designer for destination Puglia! How is your summer/winter holidays going? 🙂 Puglia is still super hot but nowadays we rarely see the days go over 40 degree (Grazie a Dio!)!

Last weekend, me and my partner was near Itria Valley where there are many “trulli”!


“Trulli” at Alberobello

They are so cute and tiny, and they didn’t use any mortar to built this houses. One of the theory is: to literally demolish the house when there was a notice for the tax payment. Here is the story from this website I learnt about Trulli:

“The nobility of the time imposed heavy taxes on any permanent structure. Thus, the theory goes that the peasant families, not able to bear the burden of this tax, built their dwellings so that they could be literally demolished at a moments notice! Because a conical roof depends largely on the ‘topmost’ stone to prevent the roof from caving in, the peasant owner was able to literally demolish their house simply by pulling this stone out! (from”

It does sounds like Italian. They are so cheeky to avoid tax payments! 😉

Anyhow, these trulli in Alberobello area became Unesco World Heritage, and there are many tourists from all around the world every year!

Do you want to see what it’s look like inside? 🙂 Here are some from our friend’s trulli!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They are tiny..I do feel like I live in a house of hobbits! 🙂

If you are interested, I can certainly recommend some trulli to stay over! Please contact me and say hello!!

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