Benvenuti al Sud: Travelling in South Italy-Safe or Dangerous?


From the movie “Benvenuti al Sud” (photo from wikipedia)

“Quando viene a Napoli piange due volte, quando viene e quando parte….”

This quote, I found it in the movie called “Benvenuti al Sud”. It’s my favourite Italian movie and even if you don’t live in South of Italy, you will understand the feeling of living in South. This quote means that when a stranger comes to the south (in this quote, Naples) they cry twice, once when they arrive and once when they have to leave. This perfectly sums up the feelings that I have for Southern Italy.

Nowadays, I keep getting this question from any nationalities:

Is Puglia and Southern Italy safe enough to travel or quite dangerous?


Well, first of all, I totally agree that it can be dangerous.

BUT..this does not mean only Southern Italy is dangerous. It is dangerous to travel anywhere nowadays.

Everyone asks me if it’s safe to live in Puglia. So far, I lived in Florence for 6 month for language school, and I travelled through Italy, including Naples alone. Puglia: I feel most safe. Florence has too many tourists and everyday some friends told me the story that they are stoled money, passport and such. In Puglia, so far, I’ve never felt so dangerous. Yes I don’t leave my bag to get a coffee. I don’t leave my laptop with car window open. I don’t walk around after midnight alone. Obviously NO! But I walk around city with my bag wide open which I couldn’t do it in Florence or Rome.

So please don’t worry about coming to Puglia. It might not clean as other cities in northern Europe but instead we have the kind, warm and open-hearted people! You might not love it at the first sight but you will fall in love before you leave this beautiful place! 🙂


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