August Events! -Summer is not finished yet in Puglia!-


Hello Summer lovers!

Our Puglian summer never ends..well not yet! Here is the rest of August and beginning of September events in Puglia!

-August 21st to 27th: Birra fra i trulli at Alberobello (more info) Why don’t you enjoy local beer at our famous Alberobello!

-August 26th: La Notte della Taranta at Melpignano, Salento (more info) It’s the 20th year to celebrate “pizzica” folk dance which is well known in whole Italy. Not recommended for a family with children but if you go to other small towns in Salento, you will see that people dancing at the piazza so that is alternative for more relaxing experience!

-Whole August and September: Hell in the Cave at Castellana Grotte (more info) It’s a show in one of the biggest cave in Italy, which is located at Castellana Grotte. The show is about the Dante’s Inferno..well you get little “chilly” in the cave to escape from this heat wave in Puglia! Recommended to family too!

-August 25th to September 10th: Festival Castel Dei Mundi at various location, mainly at Andria, where Castel Del Monte (Unesco World Heritage) is located ! (More info) There are many cultural events and theatres and events all around Castel Del Monte!

Here is the photo I danced “Pizzica” at one of the wedding in Puglia..:) Maybe you can get some idea about the dance! No shoes obviously!

It’s not a easy dance..need a full of energy and bit of mood of trance! 😉

There are more coming up in September! Stay tuned!


*Photo on the top is taken from wikipedia



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